Die schönsten Weihnachtsartikel in meinem Shop

The most beautiful Christmas items in my shop

Looking for the Christmas present 2022

Here I'll show you what I have on offer this year. Not only can you order commissioned work from me, but you'll also find one or two finished items to give as gifts. Have fun browsing, shopping and giving gifts!

It's very Christmassy - after Halloween, the most wonderful holiday of the year for me! I used to make all the presents myself and my dream job was always to be an elf in Santa's workshop. But since the North Pole is too cold for me, I now have my little art business and I like to make the presents for you. With just as much attention to detail. Let's go - here is an overview of my 2022 range.

1. Drawn portraits from photos

A classic - have a portrait drawn from a photo. With me you can have your loved ones have an individual portrait drawn from a photo - partner, grandchildren or beloved pets - even several people per picture.

I can also create collages while drawing - that is, I can draw people together who have unfortunately never met or make one picture out of several pictures - feel free to write to me for more details under Contact and we can discuss everything else!

Please note - the last possible shipping date is December 22nd, 2022 within Germany. Of course, I need some lead time - so please order by December 14th, 2022 at the latest if you want to give a finished portrait as a gift!

2. A voucher

This may sound uncreative at first - but if you have doubts about which motif the person receiving the gift would choose for a portrait or if December 13, 2022 has already passed, you can use a voucher to give the person receiving the gift the opportunity to have a commissioned work made according to their wishes.

I will also definitely be expanding my range next year - perhaps the person receiving the gift doesn't want a pencil portrait, but an oil portrait in modern alla prima technique above the fireplace?

My vouchers are available from 25 euros (4 price levels: 25, 50, 75 and 100 euros) and can be redeemed for all items in my range. Multiple vouchers can also be redeemed in one order - so if you want to give a gift together with someone else, you can each buy a partial amount and give it away individually.

Please note - the voucher code will be sent to you by email after payment. There is basically no deadline here, so this is really my last minute option! You can then download and print the card motif shown for self-printing using the download link sent. You can also use these freebie cards for other vouchers and use them multiple times. Have fun giving gifts!

3. Small hand-painted works of art to send

Brand new this year - small, cute works of art to send - in the dark season I like to paint small watercolor sketches. I especially like working on kraft or colored construction paper with metallic watercolors. Here I use handmade colors with high pigmentation.

Since it is very difficult to print the motifs because the beautiful metallic effects disappear, I had the idea - handmade art to send would be magical.

The cards are all unique - that is, there is only one of each. I have these in stock, which means that if I send them to you on December 20th, 2022, they will be with you by December 24th, 2022.

If you would like to order one of these more than once, please feel free to write to me - but please note that each card will look a little different because I will paint it by hand especially for you. So please do not expect exact copies. In addition, there is of course a deadline, as with commissioned work, if I am still reworking cards - please order by December 14th, 2022 so that the cards arrive before December 24th, 2022.

4. Original works of art

Of course, I also sell works of art that I don't create as a commission. The large format version of the hand-painted cards I just presented, so to speak. The price range here depends on the technique, size, painting surface and format - ultimately on the material and the amount of time I invested in the work.

I send my originals as well as the hand-drawn portraits and the hand-painted cards themselves - however, I cannot send all of them by mail, especially framed works or works on canvas I have to send by parcel - according to DHL, the last shipping date for Germany is December 20, 2022.

5. Fine Art Prints

Of course, I offer prints of selected works - especially my illustrated portraits, which are created using digital collage techniques. These are also beautiful, individual gift ideas. These prints are only available from me and nowhere else. Some of them are limited editions.

My prints are usually sent directly from the printer. Therefore, please order in good time so that the prints arrive. I recommend ordering by December 16, 2022 - my printer has not yet given a deadline, I will update this here when I find out more.

6. Fine Art Print Postcards

Of course, I don't just have hand-painted cards in my range - I also offer fine art print postcards. The same deadlines apply here as for the prints, as the cards also travel directly from the printer to you. You also always get a kraft paper envelope with them.

These were my recommendations from my shop - you can access my entire Christmas collection by clicking on the button - have fun browsing. Please write to me in the comments which products I should definitely plan for next year! I'm really looking forward to your feedback.

Creative greetings,


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