Auf dem Boden der Tatsache liegt eindeutig zu wenig Glitzer…

There is clearly not enough glitter on the ground…

...that's what the Upcrate team probably thought and went all out with the Upcrate 40 - the last two boxes were amazing in terms of content - even if I unfortunately didn't get a chance to test them because of my master's thesis - and number 40 was also really fun because it was something different from watercolor, acrylic and gouache painting that really took me out of my comfort zone. And that's the point of the Upcrate subscription in my eyes!

My studio floor still glitters

The gilding flakes included in the box adhere perfectly to smooth surfaces without the need for glue - so you can keep a little glitter right at the start of the year

This post is not sponsored, I am paying for the box out of my own pocket and am simply having fun exploring new areas with unfamiliar art materials.

The contents of the box

  • Set of 6 metallic markers “Rare Minerals” by Spectrum Noir in the colors Pink Quartz, Red Garnet, Green Citrine, Jade Green, Blue Topaz and Amethyst

  • Metallic Paint Marker, 4mm Chisel Tip in the color Liquid Gold

  • Metallic Paint Marker, 3mm Fine Tip in the color Quicksilver

  • Artspaze “Gilding Flakes” Gold/Silver Mix

  • 3 sheets of black paper, 120 g/m² from Reflex

  • Uhu All Purpose Glue Kraft, 6g tube

  • Accompanying booklet “Bottelpost” with instructions and inspiration, stickers and art print with works of art by the artist Hülpman

My artworks


The double-tip markers in the set of 6 from Spectrum Noir are fun - with the exception of the garnet red, which unfortunately had to be used after 3-4 strokes. Apparently I wasn't the only one with the problem - in 3 out of 4 YouTube videos by other artists, this pen didn't cut a good figure either. Perhaps the pigment is fragile - a real shame, because on the one hand there was a warmer color missing from the palette and on the other hand the red with the two green tones would have been the perfect Christmas combination.

At a price of around €2.50 for one of these markers, I honestly think it's a shame that the failure rate seems so high. Unfortunately, I only found the markers in a set of 6 - so it's not that easy to buy them individually. It's a shame. There are a total of 18 colors in 3 theme sets.

I still like the markers. The fine tip allows for very precise lines and the brush tip is great for hand lettering. However, the markers dry to a silvery color in the first layer and do not have the intense color of the cap - a second layer intensifies the color, however. This way, you can achieve great effects by only going over the color a second time in a few places. The pens also cover each other.

The two metallic paint markers are very nice - great coverage, great color flow. I would have preferred a 0.7mm superfine tip rather than the 3mm fine tip on the silver pen - especially considering that the box always comes with A5 paper. This tip is also available, but was not in the box. On the manufacturer's website , the pens are always available in one color in a set of 3 with all 3 tips - in addition to the included colors Liquid Gold and Quicksilver, there is also a copper color variant.

The Gilding Flakes from Artspaze - they take me back to the time when my eldest son used to sprinkle glitter on all his crafts in kindergarten. After a good 7 years, we finally got rid of all the glitter residue - thanks to these flakes, everything is glittery again. Please read with a bit of humor, it doesn't really bother me, or rather I complain about things like that for fun. However, if glitter residue everywhere bothers you, you should perhaps keep these flakes firmly closed.

I don't have to say much about the Uhu Kraft Glue , I think everyone knows it. I don't find it easy to dispense, usually a bead of glue comes out as soon as you open the tube - and it's usually too much for the delicate work I have in mind. But I'm also clumsy with this kind of thing.

Personally, the reflex paper is too thin for me. But like the glue, it does what it's supposed to. I drew the Christmas card on my own, thicker paper.

My Unboxing Vlog

Of course, I also recorded the unboxing for YouTube - once again without a face, because I invested the time I would have spent recording it in an Adobe Premiere Pro video course. For 2023, I want to make my videos a bit more professional. I would be happy if you join me and stay creative with me.

Well then - we'll read each other again in 2023. Feel free to write in the comments what I should blog about. Have you already tested the markers presented or subscribed to the Upcrate Box yourself? I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


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Vielen Dank für diesen nachdenklich stimmenden Blogbeitrag, der uns ermutigt, die skurrilen und phantasievollen Aspekte des Lebens anzunehmen und Freude am Alltäglichen zu finden.

Albion John

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